Mirroring of untagged ports in Extreme\Huawei switches

I faced with task of mirroring few untagged ports from Extreme and Huawei switches to one monitoring server. It is trivial task, but I found some interesting issue.

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Huawei, Juniper and Cisco in one network – webinar # 1


Hi all!

I plan to create series of webinars about routing in the mixed network, consisting of Cisco, Juniper and Huawei routers. I already done few webinars on the Russian about this topic and I want create it on English.
My English is not so good, so it is challenge for me (and you, if you want to participate ) , but I want try.

UPDATE. Record is here
You can find contents in the description for focusing at the interesting for you parts. Thanks )

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The Friday`s digest – “Boasting and illusions”


There is Friday, and this is Friday`s digest.

There are a bit of news on this week, but a lot of topics that were interested for me – too many of boastings and illusions – two main components for networking market at all time.

The Huawei are continuing testing of some innovations for LTE. In the begin of 2013 Huawei had third place on the market of LTE technologies, but in the end of the year it has a chance to take second. This chance is not only innovations but good PR, like launching LTE base on the Everest in the last month.

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The Friday`s digest – “Necromancy and shopping”


As always on Fridays – a bit of news this week.

Nokia is going to buy a stake of Siemens in NSN, since only NSN brought Nokia’s revenues last year. Focusing on the market of mobile controllers and other devices for networks could help Nokia to revenge for humiliation on the market of phones.

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The Friday`s digest – “Cisco Live and all all all”


As I have not match time for blog, I decided to create digests about interesting for me (and I hope, for you) news every week. I will create digest every Friday. As usual, news with short comment from me.

So, go on.

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Some things about Cisco SP certifications


How I wrote once, when Cisco reformed SP certification, I didn’t understand how any Cisco Network Academy can build so expensive and sophisticated scheme for labs.
Yesterday I saw webinar from one Russian certification center about the Cisco SP certifications. There are a few interested details from this webinar:

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Junos: Crafted TCP packet can lead to kernel crash


The seriously security issue in the ALL JunOS version.
Lets check security bulletin here
or here (without juniper login)

It can be so dangerous, but there is no exploit now and there is no information about format of this “deadly packet”.
Only Juniper SIRT knows it.

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Huawei\HP and Cisco CLI reference


A new book in the HP Press Marketplace is so useful (and so free as pdf version). It is “HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide – Version 2”. It is manual about three CLIs – old HP CLI (for HP Procurve Switches), new HP CLI Comware 5 (for new HP switches, from 3800 and 5500 platforms), and Cisco CLI. Author compares all three CLIs ithe most common applications. It looks like this

It is like dictionary with remarks. For engineer who sees some CLI first time, but has experience in the other, it works like dictionary.

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New RFC about networks (July 2012)


A few of the new RFC about networking that interesting personal to me. Just couple of words.

6660 – Encoding Three Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) States in the IP Header Using a Single Diffserv Codepoint (DSCP).
Revision of RFC 5696. Revision of RFC 5696. It is further improvement QoS in the path to the ideal situation – when all devices will know how many throughput left anywhere and no one packet will be dropped. So,target this RFC is that new sessions will not be created if some congestion may appears.

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Cisco EXPO 2012 Kiev


Cisco announced EXPO Kiev 2012.

You can see agenda and other information here (russian).

The differences between agenda of this event and agenda of EXPO 2011 :

– not so many about virtualisation (it is linked with this news, I think). By the way, you cannot see EMC in the list of partners or stends;

– but many presentations at this EXPO about datacenter technologies.

– many presentations about Unified communications

Other things, about new lines of products like ASR and Nexus stayed.

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