Some things about Cisco SP certifications

Posted by on March 27, 2013

How I wrote once, when Cisco reformed SP certification, I didn’t understand how any Cisco Network Academy can build so expensive and sophisticated scheme for labs.
Yesterday I saw webinar from one Russian certification center about the Cisco SP certifications. There are a few interested details from this webinar:

  • this huge and expensive scheme is used for all labs of the SP courses (and for CCNA SP too)
  • the Cisco Network Academy is executing labs with real equipments
  • this scheme with real equipments was created by Cisco and was provided for Network Academies by remote access

So, if you want learn SP correctly (with experience of IOS-XR ) you have three variants:
1) you have several free ASRs for some labs and tests at office (or at home, why not?) 😉
2) you will go to the Academy and pay for courses
3) you will find some remote labs with ASRs in the Internet

P.S. There is ASR emulator in the Cisco’s dungeons, but you never see it for free. 😉