There is just fresh presentation about NBASE-T and new Cisco Catalysts models for it. Interesting technology for every company, that has the huge infrastructure with cat5e cables. Waiting for other vendors and for NICs and Wireless AP.

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The Friday`s digest – “Necromancy and shopping”

As always on Fridays – a bit of news this week. Nokia is going to buy a stake of Siemens in NSN, since only NSN brought Nokia’s revenues last year. Focusing on the market of mobile controllers and other devices for networks could help Nokia to revenge for humiliation on the market of phones.

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The Friday`s digest – “Cisco Live and all all all”

As I have not match time for blog, I decided to create digests about interesting for me (and I hope, for you) news every week. I will create digest every Friday. As usual, news with short comment from me. So, go on.

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Trouble with PoE with linecard WS-X4648-RJ45V+E

There was issue with linecard WS-X4648-RJ45V+E in the 4510 chassis. Without any records in the logs new PoE devices that were attached to the switch on linecard didn`t work (switch did not provide power for them). Furthermore, we turned off\on old device (that still working on this moment) and it did not work too. From … Continue reading »

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IPv6 CPE Survey

While ipv6 is distributed more and more, not every manufacturer  supports it in the CPE devices. It is important to know who don’t supports IPV6  in the CPE-devices for planning of purchases. RIPE helps you in this issue, because does IPv6 CPE survey regulary. http://labs.ripe.net/Members/mirjam/ipv6-cpe-survey-updated/    

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