The Friday`s digest – “Necromancy and shopping”

Posted by on July 5, 2013

As always on Fridays – a bit of news this week.

Nokia is going to buy a stake of Siemens in NSN, since only NSN brought Nokia’s revenues last year. Focusing on the market of mobile controllers and other devices for networks could help Nokia to revenge for humiliation on the market of phones.

Continuing the topic of large shoppings, one can not forget Cisco, which spent another hundred million to buy JouleX. This company supplied unique solutions for the management and monitoring of power in data centers and enterprises. Cisco closer to ensuring that self-supply all the infrastructure for enterprises and DC comprehensively, “turnkey”. I think sooner or later it will happen.

Huawei has released a new version of the emulator “eNSP”.
It became faster and not so greedy to CPU resources.

Alcatel-Lucent together with Telekom Austria began testing – the technology, which is positioned as a competitor to the optics of the last mile. My personal opinion – comrades were late for 10 years. Trying to re-use copper of telephone in the developed world – an attempt to revive the dead. The more so the technology will not be ready before 2016.

Netgear has released a new WiFi Router – R6100, now with 802.11ac, and working with 2 and 5 GHz. Products with 802.11ac are released more and more , the standard is slowly beginning to fill the market.
As I write before, Cisco was interested about it first (and of course, took part in developing the standard.)