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Сisco EXPO in Kiev extended to 3 days

I never attended these shows, I’ll go to this one, I think

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Simple IP SLA jitter test

There is simple way to test your channel on jitter with ip sla in Cisco IOS. This test is ideal for testing Internet-connection in the back-office or something like that. If you need check jitter in the voice channel or some tcp-ip server-client connections, you need more complicated decision.

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Cisco has began black PR-war against Juniper

Actually, Juniper takes an increasing share of the market and Cisco has no way except start to black-PR company against Juniper. There is url from “When you overpromised and Under Deliver, you’ve  “junipered”! Sad, that Cisco did it. But service – it is one of the strongest side of Cisco now.  So maybe it  has sense. … Continue reading »

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A few of ipv6 subnet calculators

A few links on ipv6 subnet calculators from one topic on Linkdin: Just table of netmask ipv6: Just decode from ipv6 address

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IPv6 CPE Survey

While ipv6 is distributed more and more, not every manufacturer  supports it in the CPE devices. It is important to know who don’t supports IPV6  in the CPE-devices for planning of purchases. RIPE helps you in this issue, because does IPv6 CPE survey regulary.    

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