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The Friday`s digest – “Cisco Live and all all all”

As I have not match time for blog, I decided to create digests about interesting for me (and I hope, for you) news every week. I will create digest every Friday. As usual, news with short comment from me. So, go on.

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Junos: Crafted TCP packet can lead to kernel crash

The seriously security issue in the ALL JunOS version. Lets check security bulletin here or here (without juniper login) It can be so dangerous, but there is no exploit now and there is no information about format of this “deadly packet”. Only Juniper SIRT knows it.

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Cisco has began black PR-war against Juniper

Actually, Juniper takes an increasing share of the market and Cisco has no way except start to black-PR company against Juniper. There is url from cisco.com “When you overpromised and Under Deliver, you’ve  “junipered”! http://www.overpromisesunderdelivers.net/ Sad, that Cisco did it. But service – it is one of the strongest side of Cisco now.  So maybe it  has sense. … Continue reading »

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