The Friday`s digest – “Cisco Live and all all all”

Posted by on June 28, 2013

As I have not match time for blog, I decided to create digests about interesting for me (and I hope, for you) news every week. I will create digest every Friday. As usual, news with short comment from me.

So, go on.

“Cisco Live Orlando” was at last week, so Cisco, of course, is news leader for this term.
As usually, you can find all presentations from this event on the CiscoLive365! – over 600 ssessions about everything. It is marketing, mostly, so use filters to find some useful things in this rubbish.

You can find, by the way, announcements about new switches and routers. The list of most interesting for me:
Cisco 6800 series (reincarnation of old 6500)
Cisco 4451-X ISR
Nexus 7700
– new modules for Nexus 7k

Cisco also bought Composite Software. The cutest report in this url.
In my opinion, it is logical purchase for Cisco, will help it for ongoing campaign for taking market of Data Centers

Huawei announced SDN project, more precisely open-source OpenFlow controller.
The market of SDN will be nice peace of cake, in the future, so Chinese giant want to do something for grab it. Open-source solution is smart move, cause it will help to attract a lot of free testers and to grow knowledge base for future commercial SDN projects.

Juniper last week released a new 3D router – MX104 3D. It is positioned as the solution for the edge of networks. If Ukraine had wide distribution (or at least just had SOME distribution) of LTE, I would say that this device will be interesting for Ukrainian operators. But we have no LTE, so I will not tell;)

Juniper also released a digest its educational programs and certifications – watch here. There’s a lot of small things, the most interesting – Juniper opens the line of Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional. Exams are available from today