Huawei Eudemons

Posted by on February 1, 2015

Eudemon Series there are firewalls\IPSeC gateways, but with router functions inside. Something like Juniper SRX, but functionality is cheaper and from Huawei. The hardware of these devices is ok, but software is so crude. The chinese guys must to work hard a lot of time for fix it, I think.
Just from the last

  • rebooting from read-only SNMP request (just “give me some information” request)
  • memory leak when one of the NAT feature turning on
  • sudden appearing “ghost” gigabits on the graphs of the tunnel interfaces (there is no such traffic on the physic link, so it is definitely bug)
  • switching from master to standby and vice versa when you just create another vrrp group

The crude soft definitely.