Huawei\HP and Cisco CLI reference

A new book in the HP Press Marketplace is so useful (and so free as pdf version). It is “HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide – Version 2”. It is manual about three CLIs – old HP CLI (for HP Procurve Switches), new HP CLI Comware 5 (for new HP switches, from 3800 and 5500 platforms), and Cisco CLI. Author compares all three CLIs ithe most common applications. It looks like this

It is like dictionary with remarks. For engineer who sees some CLI first time, but has experience in the other, it works like dictionary.

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New RFC about networks (July 2012)

A few of the new RFC about networking that interesting personal to me. Just couple of words.

6660 – Encoding Three Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) States in the IP Header Using a Single Diffserv Codepoint (DSCP).
Revision of RFC 5696. Revision of RFC 5696. It is further improvement QoS in the path to the ideal situation – when all devices will know how many throughput left anywhere and no one packet will be dropped. So,target this RFC is that new sessions will not be created if some congestion may appears.

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Cisco EXPO 2012 Kiev

Cisco announced EXPO Kiev 2012.

You can see agenda and other information here (russian).

The differences between agenda of this event and agenda of EXPO 2011 :

– not so many about virtualisation (it is linked with this news, I think). By the way, you cannot see EMC in the list of partners or stends;

– but many presentations at this EXPO about datacenter technologies.

– many presentations about Unified communications

Other things, about new lines of products like ASR and Nexus stayed.

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CCNP SP Lab topology

I was on the webinar from Cisco about new certification “CCNP SP” month ago. One scheme from this webinar is pretty interesting.

This is topology for CCNP SP lab. You can see it is using 6(!) ASR 9000, 4 ASR 1000 and a few small things.

I bet you will not find academy that really has this topology, cause it is very expensive. And I think all of us will prepare to exam only theory ;(

By the way, most popular question from guests to presenters on the webinar was “where I can find IOS XR emulator?”
And they have one answer. Nowhere. Sad, but true.

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Problem with CIsco WLC and AIR-AP1231G

Recently I met problem with old Cisco AP (model AIR-AP1231G). The problem was in the connection between WLC and AP. The procedure with new LWAPP\CAPWAP AP look like this:
– AP with factory ios for autonomy work try to find WLC when loading;
– if AP did not find WLC, it stays to live like Autonomous AP
– if AP found the WLC, it downloads LWAPP\CAPWAP ios from WLC, then reboots, then it transforms to LWAPP AP and may working only through controller.

The AP may find WLC with simple broadcast search (if AP and WLC are living in the one L2 domain) or with help of ip address that AP got from DHCP option 43.

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World IPv6 Launch tomorrow

By the way, “World IPv6 Launch” is so dramatic name for this. For years many big generators of the content like Google and Facebook have ipv6 DNS-name and working through ipv6. But they are only big islands in the ipv4 ocean of the rest Internet.

The most of the hosters and content providers are have not dual stack, what is stopping of changing protocols in the providers enviroment.

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Cisco is continuing to attempt save your position at market with help of increase amount and quality readily available information about their technologies and decisions.

Recently it opened portal CiscoLive!365,
where you can found all presentations from Cisco Live! events for last years.
This information is so fine cataloged for level of readers, technologies, products, etc. The PDFs exist for all presentations, videos also attached for many presentations.
Registration is required, but free 😉
I think, it is cool site for all cisco network engineers, definitely.

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New “private” network

Good news for service providers that faced with issue of necessarily NAT from client network to client network, from client network to provider network and etc. They faced situations where networks from RFC 1918 is not enough.

The new RFC 6598 wants to help them and defines new “private” network, that can be used only in service provider network. You must maintain it as old (RFC 1918) networks – it could not be declared from your AS in the world, not resolved from public DNS, you have to filter it on the border from world.
Please, fix your prefix list now 🙂

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CCIP retired

It is continuation of last post (about CCNP SP).
Cisco thought that CCIP (and almost of all its exams) outdated.
The new certification (CCNP SP) was came, so you can take CCIP till October 29 2012 only, BGP, MPLS (and MPLS+BGP) exams could be passed till July 27 2012.

It is not so bad news for CCIP owner, you have nice certificate and it will be true till expiry date. Furthermore, you can pass only two exams (SPEDGE и SPCORE) and will have CCNP SP.
You can find simple form about this here

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New Cisco Certification – CCNP® Service Provider

Cisco has been announced the new certification of Professional level. You have to pass 4 new exam – service provider routing (642-883 SPROUTE), service provider advanced routing (642-885 SPADVROUTE), service provider Next-Generation Core Network Services (642-887 SPCORE), Next-Generation Egde Network Services (642-889 SPEDGE). Also, you must be CCNA SP to have possibility pass this exam.

Look here.

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