Huawei\HP and Cisco CLI reference

Posted by on February 2, 2013

A new book in the HP Press Marketplace is so useful (and so free as pdf version). It is “HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide – Version 2”. It is manual about three CLIs – old HP CLI (for HP Procurve Switches), new HP CLI Comware 5 (for new HP switches, from 3800 and 5500 platforms), and Cisco CLI. Author compares all three CLIs ithe most common applications. It looks like this

It is like dictionary with remarks. For engineer who sees some CLI first time, but has experience in the other, it works like dictionary.

So interesting that Compare 5 (new HP CLI) is so familiar for engineer who used Huawei switches cause Huawei CLI is same. It is result of old history about H3C, I guess. The Huawei and 3Com found H3C as partners, but after that HP bought 3Com completely and before 3Com bought 90% of H3C. So same CLI in the Huawei and HP devices is H3C CLI and it is so nice because if you have experience in the Huawei CLI you have experience in the HP CLI (ahd H3C CLI) and vice verse.