The Friday`s digest – “Boasting and illusions”

Posted by on July 12, 2013

There is Friday, and this is Friday`s digest.

There are a bit of news on this week, but a lot of topics that were interested for me – too many of boastings and illusions – two main components for networking market at all time.

The Huawei are continuing testing of some innovations for LTE. In the begin of 2013 Huawei had third place on the market of LTE technologies, but in the end of the year it has a chance to take second. This chance is not only innovations but good PR, like launching LTE base on the Everest in the last month.

Cisco Live! Orlando was over two weeks ago, but will continue to remind about itself some time. Cisco will gently remind about the different technologies, presented there, so that no one forgot who is big boy on the market. This week, they reminded about EIGRP, in particular about innovation that called EIGRP OTP.
The marketing\technical presentation – here (about the OTP at the very end, with 169 pages, but there besides this a lot of information about modern EIGRP).

This week I learned about regular event called MENOG (The Middle East Network Operators Group). This is a little funny for me, cause I understand that networks exist on the Middle East, but I didn’t think about it. The agenda for this year is undefined yet and I think (remembered, what horrors are happening last time at the Middle East), they must to discuss what they will do if civil war begins in their country and how they must work with totalitarian rulers.

By the way, regular Cisco event in the ex-USSR countries, called Cisco EXPO, renamed this year to Cisco Connect. The Cisco Connect will not in Kiev thie year, so Ukraine has not big Cisco event – first time for years. It is so sad for me ;(

The second topic of this digest – the illusion, it is about MNP on the Ukraine. It is funny local issue, is interesting only for ukranians – they can read about this on the my russian-language blog. As usually with modern technologies in my country, realisation will be stupid and terms are not realistic.