Cisco Live Milan 2015 — «advanced», «routing»

Posted by on March 1, 2015

I have read and analyzed materials from Milan Cisco Live 2015 – for self-education. Not all 455 presentations and videos, of course. Only Level=”Advanced” and Technology=”Routing”.
Maybe someone will be interested to know my comments and recommendations below.

Troubleshooting OSPF
Here you can find sufficiently detailed information with many cases. By the way, “advanced”, IMHO, begins only from the second part. I would recommend it to those who don’t know how to troubleshoot OSPF or just forget how to do it. In this presentation there are a lot of information concerning OSPF, and not only Cisco position.

Scaling BGP
Very interesting report about always actual topic. Cisco IOS\IOS XR oriented. But if you want to create big network with IBGP even without Cisco routers, it is for you as well.

Enterprise Network Virtualization using IP and MPLS Technologies
This is just a lab with 9 cases – development of the MPLS Core with firewalls for delimitation of services. Presentation is very useless, Lab guide is useless as well. But it gives an idea what you should know to accomplish such tasks.

LISP – A Next Generation Networking Architecture
If you did not hear about LISP, this video blows your mind ) But if you heard about LISP before, you`ll get new details about it. Just take a look at the video with triple CCIE as mentor. Seriosly, LISP will be the future of wide networks. Maybe.

Segment Routing: Technology and Use-cases
Another new technology. Just try to simplify current MPLS stack and to provide new concept of the routing. This project exists approximately two years, but it still has not been implemented anywhere, as I know. But I suggest, SR is interesting and promising.

WAN Virtualization Using Over-the-Top (OTP)
This technology was new two or three years ago. Now it is being used somewhere (I have never seen, but Cisco declares). Presentation is big and detailed enough, includes use cases and configuration examples.

Network Function Virtualization for Enterprise Networks
The huge two-hours\100-page blabla-talking about NFV. It can be useful, if you are ready to implement it or use some technology now. Of course, this is only about Cisco NFV.

Extending your Data Center to the Cloud with LISP
And we return to the LISP. This time Cisco teach you how to connect local DC to the Cloud DC of provider. Magnificent… if it all will be working without bugs…

Advanced Topics and Future Directions in MPLS
Presentation without video. More new technologies, guys, more and more… Future of MPLS technology in the PDF – segment routing, PCE, Ethernet VPN so on… There is also, interesting information about IETF groups. It shows how IETF see the future. And how IETF is creating future, of course.

Advanced mVPN Deployment Models
Video is absent again. The multicast over MPLS (all ways) and new RFC for it. BGP for signaling multicast VPN, different ways to create core network with multicast, parties of configurations for IOS and IOS XR – you can find 250 pages useful information. Useful – if you have knowledge about multicast on CCNP level. In other case – don’t read it, you just waste your time.

Enterprise Campus Design: Routed Access
Just relax after new technologies and see, how to use old technologies properly. Clear and useful presentation about reborn of campus networks from L2 to L3 model. The useful (sometimes trivial) advises are included.

Segment Routing for IPv6 Networks
Ha ha. Segment Routing returns and strikes your mind again! Now with IPv6. You can use IPv6 as signaling for Segment Routing, you know? Ok, you will ) Some day.

Troubleshooting LISP
Meet LISP again. This time – use cases, troubleshooting, configuration and all what you want to know about it. Do you want to be ready for tomorrow? Cisco can teach you. Teach you, how to use new ASRs, that you must buy for this technology.

13 Smart Ways to Program Your Cisco IOS Network
You thought, that in this technical presentations SDN should absent? Cisco try to convince you that SDN is not only marketing now!
Use cases, how to use SDN on the practice. Just in this video! That will be useful for you! Everything that you need for it – huge network with modern Cisco devices, huge budget and manager, who will approve using this budget for implemention of the new and untried technology! ^_^

VPLS attachment technology options
In two words – how to improve your VPLS using Cisco IOS XR. Multi chassis LAG, ICCP for improving redundancy. New drafts for VPLS from IETF L2VPN Work Group. Nice.