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Вернемся к субботникам?

Posted by on 07.03.2020

Решил попробовать вернуться к еженедельным дайджестам (новости, связанные с сетями и свежие сетевые RFC).
Выбранные для обзора RFC (за первые 2 месяца 2020го)

Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)

Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)

Forward Error Correction (FEC) Framework Extension to Sliding Window Codes

Sliding Window Random Linear Code (RLC) Forward Erasure Correction (FEC) Schemes for FECFRAME

PIM Message Type Space Extension and Reserved Bits

Scenarios and Simulation Results of PCE in a Native IP Network

Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extensions for MPLS-TE Label Switched Path (LSP) Auto-Bandwidth Adjustment with Stateful PCE

Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extensions for Establishing Relationships between Sets of Label Switched Paths (LSPs)

Restart Signaling for IS-IS

Enhanced Feasible-Path Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding

Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) Link Identifier Extension

Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Cross-Domain Server Discovery

A YANG Data Model for the Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

Network-Assisted Dynamic Adaptation (NADA): A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Real-Time Media

Видео обзор как всегда, на Ютубе